A collection of a hundred years of correspondence spanning four generations of an Irish family, chronicling its emigration patterns and the lives of its members, and showing how they managed to maintain family bonds across three continents.

A companion volume to this book, "The Boyles of Killaneen - The People", is a detailed compilation of names, dates, and places, of events and of relationships, covering what we know of the lives of the deceased descendants of the Boyles of Killaneen.

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About the Authors

Ken Boyle (above left) is from Dublin. His father was born at Killaneen, Co. Leitrim, Ireland. Ken worked in the financial sector in both Ireland and England. Since his retirement he has had the time to pursue a lifelong interest in recent Irish History.

Tom Boyle (above right) lives near Boston. His grandfather was born at Killaneen. After retiring from a thirty year career as a software developer, Tom has spent his recent years researching and documenting his heritage from both Ireland and Italy.

Ken and Tom share great-grandparents from Killaneen and an appreciation for family history.