The iBAM! two day program continues Saturday, 12p-5p, followed by the Awards Gala that evening, honoring the best in Irish heritage and culture.  Sunday programming will be 12p-5p.
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Dan Hartnett retired early (age 60) from the public school system as the head of maintenance. He oversaw many older buildings, among others of the schools that was Schurz. One reason he was so good for the Center is he was very familiar with our older style of school from having worked on so many during his years for the public school system.

He started volunteering in the early 2000’s – using his experience to care for our nearly 100 year old building!  Dan didn’t hesitate to handle, plumbing, lawn care, small equipment repairs, or anything else that needed attention, repair or replacement. He’s been a valuable worker on our building team. He’s camera-resistant when working- “stop distracting me.”

Dan is a doting grandpa - and recently a great grandpa. Looking for a chance to see the newest great-grandbaby- but has to wait it out. The parents are military and stationed in Japan- with the little one.  He’s proud of his electrician grand-daughter working on family home projects with her. 

He just finished last year helping his son build a home out in Norwood

You can find Dan in the Fifth Province on Many Thursday evenings when the music is playing. Stop by and thank him for his service!