Mary Pat Ferron Canes has written the Dark Queen of Donegal. The book is being sold worldwide, and she will be attending iBAM! on November 17th and 18th.

Mary Pat Ferron Canes with JR Foley brings Ineen Dubh to thrilling life, showing how a mother's love for her son shapes and transcends history.By delving into the inner life of this Scottish Princess and Irish Queen, Canes and Foley make a legendary woman real and do their ancestors proud." - Dr. Mary Pat Kelly, author of Galway Bay

The book will be available at iBAM! to purchase or you can buy it HERE!

About the author

“Dark Queen of Donegal” is a fact based work of historical fiction featuring a Queen in Ireland in the sixteenth

century who pits herself against Elizabeth I. The Queen of Donegal is determined that her eldest son

become a king in Ireland despite the English Crown kidnapping him.

This book is filled with the assassinations and beheadings that took place before Ireland became free because of the Easter Rising in 1916 and the subsequent War of Independence 1919-1921. The Good Friday agreement in 1998 stabilized Norther Ireland.

Though Irish American, I have relatives still living in Ireland. From a young age,I have been enthralled with the Emerald Island and visited there numerous times. 

My Masters Thesis was based on Gaelic woman and men going back to the oral sagas. When I learned of this undervalued Irish Queen, who took on Elizabeth I, I set about writing the tale, along side JR Foley and a lot of help from David Canes who lived among Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, including in Belfast.