The Whole World Stopped is a searing collection of researched poetry on the 1963 assassination of President John F Kennedy.

Jeanie Dean’s challenging inquiry dates to the 1970s with "Abortion of the American Dream” about the assassinations as a diaspora for the baby boomers." The poem links the 1960s protest movement with the outrage of the youth who witnessed the murder of the president, a crime that has no legal consequence.

The Whole World Stopped explores the cannon of assassination research: Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, the Magic Bullet, Lyndon Johnson, George Bush, J. Edgar Hoover, and Vietnam.

Dean makes astonishing observations from photographic evidence. Her poem “Bulletproof Vest” posits that CIA assassin David Morales is the man in the Zapruder film, signaling when JFK is shot. Speaking to our collective conscience, these poems reveal new insights on the public tragedy.
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“…A panorama of compelling poetry and hidden history [in] a sinister montage, fixed in time, haunted by the truth. An excellent performance!"
---Michael Parenti, author of Waiting for Yesterday and Against Empire

“…Unique ability to wield words to describe exactly what we felt but were never able to speak out loud. Read, remember, and speculate!
---Will Durst, satirist, author of Elect to Laugh and Raging Moderate

“…A perfectly timed homage to the last U.S. president, the most poignant insight of its kind.”
---Frank Joseph, author of Lost Colonies of Ancient America

About the Author
Jeanie S. Dean has essays on film and poetry published in Analecta Husserliana through Kluwer Press. Dean’s first published book A New Alphabet collage, poetry and essay on digital literacy and the embodiment is published at the New Museum by Rhizome Org. Her prize wining book L’Ondine’s Lament: A Love Letter to Surrealism is a reply to Andre Bretons’s Mad Love with the irrational and wonderfully impossible premise that Breton’s 1930 text anticipates and contains Dean’s 2000 reading. Dean’s The Whole World Stopped An Elegy for John Kennedy and the American Dream featuring the epic poem Abortion of the American Dream, is a rare presentation of poetry/essay on the assassination of JFK and is published in 2013 for the 50th anniversary year. Dean teaches English Composition to wonderfully talented at-risk students at a technical college. Dean regularly performs her poetry on public cable TV internet radio, theaters art openings, festivals, colleges and Coffee houses.