Róisín O’Farrell has emerged as one of Ireland's most successful artists who is known for her vibrant and emotionally resonant works that capture the essence of home, family, and the human spirit. She is all about two things: painting and inspiring women to live bigger, more meaningful, creative lives. 

Sunday 1:30pm-3pm in the Art Gallery on the second floor
Róisín will host an art demo, covering how the artist develops her subjects, and the techniques she uses to create her beautiful paintings.
Róisín will create a painting as part of the presentation.  

Born on the east coast of Ireland, Róisín O’Farrell's artistic journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Best known for her bright, vibrantly colourful paintings in textured, buttery oils with a contemporary finish. Her pieces often feature light-filled period interiors, whimsical gatherings of Wellington (rain) boots, and charming china teacups, each painting telling a unique story and inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of vivid colours and captivating textures.

Since her discovery in 2009, Róisín O’Farrell's work has been exhibited in established galleries across Ireland and the UK, with numerous sellout exhibitions and events in London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and the United States. Her bold use of jewel-like colours and her ability to suggest rather than describe invites us to engage with her art on a deeply emotional level. 

Her recent work represents a courageous departure from her signature style, injecting fresh perspectives while retaining the recognisable elements of her palette and textured delivery of oils. Drawing inspiration from collaborative human interaction and the creative process, O’Farrell’s recent work features abstract landscapes that reflect a new and contemporary development in her work. 

Róisín is deeply committed to the art of teaching and nurturing creativity in others. She has a passion for inspiring others and has many years of experience in giving workshops and teaching. She believes that creativity should be nurtured, not coerced, and her artist retreats in Ireland, the USA, and Malta provide the perfect environment for artists to flourish.

These retreats are carefully curated to offer a blend of painting without expectation, music, poetry, excursions, and, most importantly, the joy of genuine human connection. Róisín's commitment to fostering creativity extends beyond the canvas; it's about creating a supportive community where artists can grow and thrive.

Róisín O’Farrell resides in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, between the sea and the mountains, a place that undoubtedly fuels her artistic energy.