iBAM! Schedule December 12 & 13



12:00- Irish Consul General Kevin Flynn 7min

12:07-  Music and Entertainment Association of Ireland 5 min

12:12-  Revolutionary Irish Women by Dr. Sinead McCoole (CWI) 40 min

12:45-  iBAM! 2020 Visual Arts Awardee, Barry Butler Photography 8 min

12:55-  Grace O'Malley: Pirate Queen by Maureen Smith (CWI) 20 min

1:15 -  Crafters of Ireland: Sean Egan Art glass, Shona Shirley Mcdonald Mireog, Mary and Keena: The Celtic Fairy Collection, Louise Carroll Designer, Liz Christy Designer 27 min

1:45-  12 Patron Saints, 7 Celtic nations by Mary Kunert. (CWI) 19 min

2:15-  Short Films of Ireland by Mike Leonard and Mary Kay Wall 12.30 min

3:00-  How the Women of Ireland Transformed their Country by award winning author Mary Pat Kelly (CWI) 14 min

3:15-  Milwaukee Irish Fest Presents: Beautiful Affair from Tradfest 2020 4 min

3:20-  Sound the Warning: Children of the War Book 1 author Christie Sever 10 min

3:30-  The music stylings of Joe and Declan McShane (turn up the sound, and pour yourself a cup of tea!) 15 min

3:45-  A History by Theresa Choske (CWI) 10 min

3:55-  Songs by Claudia Anderson (CWI) 23 min

4:20-  Author: New Book; Veil of Silence by Sharon Bossard 17 min

4:45-  Conor Cuneen- An Irishman Speaks - 30 min

5:15-  Julia Flynn Siler - 25 min

5:45-  FILM: Seamus Heaney: And the Music of What Happens. 90 min


12:00- Irish Consul General- Kevin Byrne 7min

12:07-  Award winning author Turtle Bunbury 35 min

12:45-  Stephen Travers:Truth and Reconciliation Platform: “Healing Ireland” 4 min

12:50-  Music and Entertainment Association of Ireland 5 min

1:00-   Recovering the Wisdom of the Celtic by Dolores Whelan (CWI) 23 min

1:25-   Films by Mike Leonard, who spent 30 years as an NBC correspondent traveling the world for a good story          

1:40-  Author of 5 books, Cynthia Neale speaks about how she came to write the Irish Dresser series, the Famine, and the importance of honoring ancestors.-  12 min

2:00-  iBAM! 2020 Literary Awardee and Pub Owner in Listowel, Co Kerry, Ireland Billy Keane 12 min

2:15-  Singer Orla Fallon (Formerly of Celtic Women) 15 min

2:30-  Musician and Author Cahal Dunne: Entertainer and Author out of Philadelphia area 27 min

3:00-  Judy Lee Burke About her book, Blackrock Island 6 min

3:10-  Songs with Mark Piekarz (CWI) 17 minute

3:30-  Storyteller Kathy O'Neill Tells it Like it is! (CWI) 14 min

3:45-  Brigid Duffy performs Mother Jones’s Memories of the March of the Mill Children, 1903 with a Discussion by Rosemary Feurer (CWI) 24 min

4:10-  Notable Manx Women by Maureen Gary (CWI) 13 min

4:25- Eamonn McDonagh: In A Little Pub in London 

4:30-  MIF Film: Milwaukee Irish Fest: Music of Liam Clancy, Tommy Makem, and the High Kings! 23 min

5:10- Closing out iBAM! 2020

7:00- iBAM! 2020 Raffle Drawing