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Brigid Duffy performs Mother Jones's Memories of the March of the Mill Children, 1903 with a Discussion by Rosemary Feurer

Brigid Duffy performs Mother Jones' account of how she led children on a campaign to end child labor, in a march on Wall Street and to President Roosevelt's home. This powerful account of the conditions of children who were used to provide the coal and textiles of the early twentieth century allows us to see Mother Jones' spirit and defiance. Then learn about the campaign to place a statue of Jones in Chicago, with a discussion by Professor Rosemary Feurer.

Brigid Duffy has performed Mother Jones in the Chicago area for many years. You can listen to her in "After the Fear Come the Gifts" written by Kay Metres (Irish descent) on Audible and see her in "A Christmas Movie Christmas" on Amazon Prime, tubitv.com and Hallmark Movies Now. Rosemary Feurer teaches history at Northern Illinois University and directs the statue campaign.

Brigid Duffy (left), Rosemary Feurer (middle)

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