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Michael Moran McKenna's The Great Plains and Other Tales


In The Great Plains, Katie Schmidt thinks she is ordinary but is far from it. To change her fortunes she decides to get false fingernails, brighter teeth and even a new nose. This attracts a man named Cam (play on name Camel) however she cannot impress him beyond his coming to live with her.

When Cam is out all night shooting pool and not helping with the bills, Katie begins to get disillusioned and is open to compliments from anyone.

Can an awkward clerk, Horace O'Leary, the great, great, great grandson of the cow owner whose source of milk started the Great Chicago Fire point Katie in the right direction?

In 9000 Miles to Swim is Nothing, Jonna goes for a swim one hot Autumn day in Lake Michigan and is whisked away inside a Russian sub to St. Petersburg and eventually Moscow.

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About the Author

Michael Moran McKenna was born in Oak Lawn, IL JUNE 29, 1965.

He went to High School at Marist and then to Marquette University.

He worked for WYCC PBS TV for over 16 years, and rose from the traffic department to head of Programming.

He works full time now as an Engineer at WCEV AM 1450 and is co host of Gaelic Park Radio Show on same station.
WCEV 1450 AM also is currently airing 24 of Michael’s radio dramas (about 25 minutes long each).
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