Sound the Warning, Children of the World Book One


Izzy, a young American Irish dancer, is a fun girl but just a little bit bossy.  Her twin brother, Joe, loves soccer and aggravating Izzy.  Together they are magically whisked away to 18th-century Ireland during the time of the culture crushing Penal Laws.  There they hide from soldiers, climb into a castle, and befriend a quirky and rebellious Dance Master whose job it is to keep the culture alive.    The twins must work cleverly and together in order to save the Dance Master.  But will they ever be able to return home to their 21st-century family and friends?
“Sound the Warning” is not only a story about survival in an oppressed country, but also a story about how family loyalty and a little bit of Irish magic can overcome many problems.

The book is designed to reach 4th thru 8th graders.
Author, Christie Sever, has three objectives for her debut YA historical fiction book, “Sound the Warning”:  

1.)  Include many adventures so that children will want to read the book.
2.)  Create a world where the culture and history of Ireland in the 18th century come alive.
3.)  Include a wee little life lesson.  For this book the life lesson is about the importance of family loyalty.
Sever anticipates that this is book 1 of a series of historical fiction books for 4th-8th graders.

"Sound the Warning" is currently available at the following brick and mortar stores:  Anderson Book Shops in Naperville, Downers Grove and LaGrange, and Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore in South Bend, Indiana

The book is also available online in ebook form or paperback at  Use the following shortcut link:

About the Author
Christie Sever lives with her husband in a leafy green suburb of Chicago.  Her bachelor degree from the University of Notre Dame is in Accounting, and her MBA is from Northwestern University.  She worked for many years as a CPA.    In addition to raising her own three rascals to become responsible tax-paying adults, she coached hundreds of pre-teens and teens for competition in a Public Speaking club that she founded.  She has written many straight news and feature articles for local publications and the Chicago Tribune.  Besides kids and writing, she enjoys running her business, Speaker’s Edge, a public speaking and presentation skills workshop, and travelling around the world.  Meeting foreign children in their homelands through her travels has inspired this book.  Whenever she globe-hops, she mentally packs Joe and Isabel with her, as the twins have multiple problems to resolve and many historical times and countries to visit.  She anticipates that “Sound the Warning” is the first of a series of books highlighting the culture and history of many different countries in the world.