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J. Lee Burke Author of Blackrock Island Returns to iBAM!


Synopsis: Blackrock Island by J. Lee Burke
Laine Sullivan, undercover NOVAS operative, is faced with unraveling the murder of thoroughbred racehorses. Her life is riddled with secrets, money laundering and false identities. While investigating, she is faced with people who are prepared to kill and kill again. The plot unfolds with the death of a priceless horse the minute she sets down in Miles’s helicopter on Blackrock Island, Ireland.
Biography: J. Lee Burke
J. Lee Burke is the author of Blackrock Island an international suspense thriller. She wrote as a student reporter for the Michigan Journalist at University of Michigan and The Villanovan at Villanova University. She edited Simon and Schuster’s Handbook for Writers, revised Prentice Hall’s Literature and the Writing Process, and writes for Grosse Pointe Magazine. CBS WWJ Newswatch aired her novel during the filming of Clint Eastwood’s Grand Torino. She presented her novel in J. B. Keane’s Pub in Listowel, Ireland. Currently, she is writing a mystery novel. Website: JLeeBurke.com

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