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Author Greg McVicker New Books: An Irish Heart & One Cross to Bear


  From My Eyes, To Yours:
Poetic Memoirs of a Belfast Child.

 The composition of story based poetry comes from the very depths of one’s soul in looking at the human journey of life. More often than not, it is the journey of the author that is told through reflective musings. In hindsight, however, and when those same poems take on a foundation of their own, their application can have far reaching effect in that they tell the personal stories of several thousand others who suddenly find that their own experiences are openly displayed before their eyes, wrapped between lines of stanza and prose. Thus, although the human journey of life is considered as “unique” in its application, it is often shared with perfect strangers who become sudden acquaintances through poetic inscriptions.

 Raised during a dark period enveloped by political and religious persecution throughout Northern Ireland’s brutal historical past referred to as ‘The Troubles’, this thirty minute presentation will feature a sampling of the poetic works by Belfast Author, Greg McVicker. A Social Worker by trade, Greg will explore the human journey of life as captured through his lens and featured in his intimately written book of poems, An Irish Heart: Poetic Memoirs of a Belfast Child.


One Cross to Bear; a Unique Story to Tell:

Through these Belfast Eyes…

Having been born and raised throughout a dark period that saw more than 3,700 lives claimed in Northern Ireland during ‘The Troubles’, Greg McVicker, an Author and Poet from Belfast, was not involved with the political movements that scarred the communities surrounding his own. He would come to realize that the targeted sectarian hatred that he and his family left behind for a new chance at life would be met by bigger challenges after their immigration. In this coming of age story, Greg reflects on his childhood, his lifelong quest to reclaim his stolen Irish identity, as well as his continued efforts to make global change though his first book, Through the Eyes of a Belfast Child: Life. Personal Reflections. Poems.

This engaging forty-five minute storytelling presentation will feature an intimate look at the human journey of life including Greg’s own personal story, and will combine a sampling of Greg’s poetry, interspersed with his memories of growing up under the guidance and love of an Irish mother. Audience members will undergo several emotions including being moved to tears when hearing their own stories and personal life experiences being told, only to give way to laughter due to the Irish craic, wit, and humour that accompanies his presentation.