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New Documentary: In the Name of Peace; John Hume in America


Direct from Ireland, a new feature documentary by author and filmmaker, Maurice Fitzpatrick, iBAM! 2017 will be one of the first places in the nation to screen the film on October 28, and 29 at the Irish American Heritage Center during the 9th Annual Irish Books, Arts, and Music Celebration.

Also direct from Ireland, Filmmaker Maurice Fitzpatrick, will be on hand to introduce the film, and to take questions after the film is shown.

In the Name of Peace: John Hume in America is a new feature documentary which includes wide-ranging and insightful interviews with President Bill Clinton, President Jimmy Carter, as well as Irish leaders, Bono and Prime Ministers John Major and Tony Blair  among others, who helped to wrest peace from war in Northern Ireland.

Voiced by Liam Neeson with original composition by Bill Whelan, this is the story of the extraordinary work of Nobel Prize winning John Hume to harness and leverage US support to help to secure peace in Northern Ireland. Through the relationships he cultivated
with The White House and US Congress, John Hume created the framework for peace in Northern Ireland.

Maurice Fitzpatrick
Basil Al-Rawi
David Fox
Bill Whelan
Irish Locations
Dublin, Derry, Antrim, Cork, Donegal
Running Time: 90 minutes
Production Company: Creeney Films
Tel +353 87 776 5625
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Financiers: IFB, BAI, RTÉ, DFAT