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Ginger in the City's BAND SLAM


Saturday, October 27 at 4:30 PM - 10 PM

 4626 N Knox Ave, Chicago, IL 60630-4030

Ginger in the City's BAND SLAM is a competition to find the best band in the Midwest. Bands can be individual or groups,
in any music genre, and must be 35 y/o or younger.

Your Top Nine

 (in alphabetical order)

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The Broken

 Who are The Broken? In short, they are four odd-ball friends and musicians who have found unity in dissonance. Hailing from Chicago’s Northwest side The Broken were founded in 2014 when four high school friends decided they wanted to become more than just band and choir geeks, and embrace their mutual love for all things rock and roll. They have spent the past four years developing and fine tuning their sound, creating their own blend of controlled chaos; the result of blending their diverse musical tastes and influences to form a unique fusion of genres. They have taken elements ranging from classic rock and heavy metal to grunge and modern alternative rock to create a single coherent sound: a tone that is both old and new; “Broken”, yet still complete.
Members:  Matthew Buck (20) - Guitar and Vocals    Veronica Kass (22) - Trumpet   Sal Gomez (21) - Bass  Kevin Willems (20) - Drums

Declan McShane

Declan McShane, is 15 years old and has had a deep love for music from a very early age. He took drum lessons at age 4 then started piano lessons when he was 5. The piano is his instrument of choice and he also likes to play the piano accordion. He plays the Double Bass which he started in 4th grade and now plays in the school orchestra at Maine South High School, Park Ridge, where he also plays bass in Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band (sometimes he plays electric bass). He also sang in the chorus in Roosevelt Elementary School. He attends MYAC (Midwest Young Artist Conservatory) in Fort Sheridan, Highwood, IL, every Saturday morning. In the last couple of years, he has been writing his own music and has 4 songs published to date. He plays live gigs regularly with his father and often gets called upon to jump in with other bands to play different instruments. His dream is to have a future in the music business.

Devin MichaelMr. Devin Michael, or "Mad Mic" is a Rap artist coming out of the Northwest Suburbs. Though still yet to release a debut project, "Mad Mic" has performed at the likes of HOME House of Entertainment, Subterranean, and the Chicago House of Blues, among other venues in his short career. Known amongst his own for his ability to rhyme fast off the tip of his tongue & for his witty- and oftentimes, crass and vulgar- stories, he is without question to be a grand representation of the Irish People in his field. Assisting him will be another legend among their people, known as "EZ The Reverend"-- a rapper/producer coming out of the same Neighborhood, and one of the first influences on Devin to take his writing and turn it into rap music.

Easy There Tiger

EASY THERE TIGER, based out of Chicago, was formed in 2018 by two high-school friends, Devan Diefenbach and Jordan Dahl. Both have been writing and playing music together since 2010 but in two other bands, The Riverside Regulars and Fortunate Only. With their new EP, "3110"  EASY THERE TIGER looks to make a following for themselves starting in Chicago by using their energetic live performances and deep yet lively lyrics and music.

Members: Devan Diefenbach (21, Singer/Guitar), Jordan Dahl (21, Drums), Freddy Nando (22, Bass).


Dylan Carey (Groovebox) is a comedian, actor and musician from Chicago. The 31 year old graduated from Chicago’s Second City Training Center, Annoyance Theater, and iO Theater He has been performing music and comedy for over 15 years. Dylan improvises at iO weekly, and produces music for local rappers and comedians. Credits include TruTV, Zanies Comedy Club, SoFar Sounds, and the Green Mill.

Michael Be
"Indie pop rocks fizzling from the tip of your tongue to the edges of your eardrums"

29 year old Michael Be has been described as shoegaze and pop, but it does no justice in describing what you see on stage.
One person, looping guitar, synthesizer, and finger drumming on a sample pad to create tonally-textured, ambient soundscapes, and it's all looped through some foot pedals(no computers!)
Michael Be released his debut EP in 2017, followed up by a single in summer of 2018 and is currently in studio for a winter 2018 release.

Sam Vicari

Sam Vicari (31) has been playing around Chicago since 2012. He has released 5 full length records and has embarked on 3 full US tours. His music has been featured by KEXP and the Big Takeover. He’s the founder of the band The Feeders, who will release their first record fall 2018.

Sweet Hudson

The band members met in the Lane Tech guitar room in 2017. They bonded over their interest in music and creating music together. After jamming for a few months they decided to create Sweet Hudson, named after thier two guitar teachers; Mr. Sweet and Mr. Hudson. Since their formation they have released a demo EP on SoundCloud. Sweet Hudson often performs and practice at Lane Tech, but hope to move on to playing outside of school, rerecord their EP,  and record a full length LP.     Left to right: Declan Curry (16)   Oscar Rodriguez (17)   Luis Cuevas (17)    Jaden Epis (17)   Jose Perez (17)

Super King Reza

Super King Reza (aka Michael Heath) is a Chicago-based Alien from The Planet Earth V. His most recent project "EVERYTHING YOU NEED" (Produced by Groovebox) is now Available on All Streaming Platforms. Influences: Lauryn Hill, J Cole, Drake, Chance The Rapper, Beyonce, Sade.  Singles: "HORCHATA" "INSTACOFFEE" "TEAR" Projects: "EVERYTHING YOU NEED" (2018) "WE DONT HAVE TO GO NOWHERE" (2017) "WAYS" (2016)


Admission is $10 and includes both shows!    Your ticket will allow you to vote on the final 5.

Our Emcee is comedian/actor/writer Lee Brophy.

The competition begins at 4:30pm. Top 5 will be chosen by Judges and the winners chosen by Popular Vote.

First place wins $1500, Second place $500.
Winners will be announced by 10pm.