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Coming Soon! Info on iBAM! ELEVEN, OCT 18-19, 2019


CWI Literary Salon


October 27 & 28 in Room 111

Presented by Celtic Women International, the iBAM! Literary salon is an amalgamation of short glimpses into the enchanting world of Irish culture.


12:00 - Debbie O'Grady presenting “Celtic Tartans: Facts, History and Trivia”

12:30 - Maureen Garry presenting “A work-in-progress of a list of representative Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, Breton, Manx, & Galician) literary authors.”1:00 - Kathy Cunningham presenting “Story Telling Through the Visual Arts1:30 - Mary Kunert presenting ‘12 Patron Saints - 7 Celtic Nations”2:00 - Theresa Choske presenting “Sarah Purser 1848-1943”2:30 - Janet Bieschke presenting “Readings from her books Voices of the 21st Century: Women Who Influence, Inspire, and Make a Difference & I’m Sorry, I Love You, Goodbye: Harvesting the Sacred Gifts of the Final Days.”3:00 - Jeanne Wrenn - Presenting “ Concern Worldwide U.S.: Helping the World’s Neediest Help Themselves”3:30 - Virginia Gibbons presenting “Resilience and Love: The Powerful Women of Alice McDermott and Jennifer Egan”4:00 - Special Program on Mother Jones presented by the Mother Jones Heritage Project (Margaret Fulkerson, Brigid Duffy & Elliott Gorn) - "Irish Rebel: Mother Jones, America’s Most Dangerous Woman :

  • Margaret Fulkerson, presenting “A Reading from R. M. Fox, Rebel Irish Women (1935): Mother Jones”
  • Brigid Duffy presenting “Get Off Your Knees!”: Mother Jones in Action”
  • Elliott Gorn presenting “From Irish Roots: Mother Jones"

5:00 - PUB BREAK to visit the IAHC Pub, grab a pint or cup of tea and return for the movie!5:30 - Movie “Mother Jones, America's Most Dangerous Woman”


12:00 - Brenna Briggs will present Irish Ghostnockers12:30 - AUTHOR READING1:00 - Maureen Smith will present Early Irish Immigrants in Minnesota: Digitizing Family History1:30 - Mary McCain will present “150 Years of Honoring O'Connell: The Round Tower at Glasnevin Cemetery”2:00 - Jessie Ann Foley will on writing for teenage girls2:30 - Mary Pat Kelly - Irish Above All” a sneak preview of the book to be published in February3:00 - AUTHOR READING3:30 - Sara Goek will present “Irish Women Migrants in the Post-World War II Era”4:00 - Mark Piekarz - will present a musical program “Along the Enchanted Way”4:30 - Kathy O'Neill will present “The Life of the World to Come”/tbody>